Tegro [en]

NFT display

Coming soon

In future updates there will be support for NFT, which will give the following features:

  • Displaying NFT in the wallet
  • Sending NFTs to other users
  • Ability to instantly put up for sale through Marketplace integration
On the TON blockchain, NFTs are most commonly thought of as SPL tokens with 0 decimal places and a margin of 1. According to the token metadata standard, some tokens may have characteristics similar to NFTs.
TON Hold will identify such tokens as collectible and display in a separate tab.

Grouping non-fungible tokens

The grouping of non-fungible (collectible) tokens (NFTs) on TON takes place through certification.
In order to group tokens together, NFTs need to refer to the same mint address of a certified collection. This mint acts as the "home" for the NFT with the metadata describing the collection. Creators need to make sure that the collection is verified on the chain - verified is set to true.
If no verified collection is found, Uniton will revert to grouping NFTs by the address of the first verified creator in the "on-chain creators" field. When two unverified items have the same creator address in index 0 of the creators array - they will be grouped into the same collection.