When making any exchange, you need to pay commissions:

  • First, there are TON blockchain commissions, which you pay when you interact with the network's contracts.

Commissions are one way of rewarding validators for their work: commissions from all transactions that have been included in newly created blocks are distributed to all participating validators.

The commissions of the TON network are minimal and limited to a few cents on exchanges.

  • In addition, you pay a commission of 0.25% of the transaction amount to the providers who provide liquidity to the pool of tokens you exchange (Liquidity Provider Fee).

The amount of the fee is evenly distributed among all liquidity providers depending on their share in that pool, and they can collect that fee by withdrawing their liquidity.

How the commission is calculated on DEX Tegro.Finance:

Type of commission DEXAmount of commission

Total DEX commission


Affiliate Program


Swap Rewards (TGR cashback)


To the Liquidity Provider


DEX net income

0,05% (0,15%)

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