🆕In future updates

Coming soon

In future updates, it will be possible not only to display and transmit NFTs, but also to instantly put up or take down an NFT on marketplace via integration, as well as theme selection, depending on the primary color of the selected NFT avatar, in addition to that:

  • Browser Extension

One of the priorities for the development of Tegro Wallet is to develop an extension for the browser (MetaMask on TON). With support for all functions that are already available in web version. Extension will be available for the following browsers:

  1. Brave

  2. Mozzila Firefox

  • SDK for developers.

  • Version for IOS and Android.

  • Authorizations via TON Auth.

  • Built-in DEX (token-swap)

Our wallet will get tight integration with the decentralized exchange, which will allow users to exchange tokens in the TON network between themselves, in the most convenient way.

  • Ability to connect a hardware wallet.

  • Biometric authentication.

Global upgrade, which will allow you to manage multiple wallets, the ability to add an unlimited number of wallets. New languages and balance display in popular international currencies.

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