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Welcome to the Tegro Wallet section

At the moment our team sees the following problems in working with TON:

  • No browser extension and web version that works with TON tokens and supports NFT;

  • No wallets that run both the web version and the mobile app;

  • No web wallets that work with tokens and can switch between different versions (v3/v4);

  • No wallets that integrate with DEX;

  • No wallets that allow you to manage "multiple wallets" at once.

The primary purpose of the Tegro Wallet

Tegro Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that was developed to facilitate the use of The Open Network (TON) ecosystem and solve the problems associated with comfortable and secure blockchain operations.

Tegro Wallet provides users with the ability to store, send and receive various cryptocurrencies, including TGR and other TON-based tokens.

One of the main goals of Tegro Wallet is to provide an intuitive and comfortable interaction with the TON ecosystem for users, allowing them to enjoy all the benefits of blockchain while minimizing the risks and problems associated with storing and transferring cryptocurrencies.

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