Roles of the participants

Types of users in DEX Tegro.Finance


Tegro.Finance users are people who have connected their wallet to DEX. Each user has the right to use the functions of the cryptocurrency exchange, such as providing liquidity to pools and exchanging tokens.

To use DEX Tegro.Finance, a user must connect their wallet to The Open Network. After that, he can add liquidity to pools and make exchanges on the platform.

Adding liquidity to a pool is done by depositing the equivalent value of each underlying token in exchange for LP tokens. These LP tokens track the user's share of the liquidity pool and allow them to earn commissions.

The exchange of tokens at Tegro.Finance is automatic based on the current volume of token reserves in the liquidity pools. Users can choose any pair of tokens to exchange and receive the current exchange rate. The exchange takes place instantly, without the need to wait for transaction confirmation from other participants.

Thus, Tegro.Finance users can use the exchange to exchange tokens and provide liquidity to pools, earning on commissions.

Liquidity providers

Liquidity Providers are users who lock their tokens into liquidity pools.

Liquidity Providers receive LP tokens, which track the share of liquidity supplied by them in the pool. These tokens can be exchanged for the original tokens at any time at the current price, which is determined by a constant product formula.

In addition, liquidity providers receive a share of the transaction fees that occur in the respective liquidity pool.

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