📑Tokenomics TGR

  • Ticker symbol: TGR

  • Network: TON

  • Maximum supply: 50,000,000 TGR tokens

  • Commencement of delivery: from 700,000 TGR tokens (allocated for initial liquidity, marketing and strategic partnerships)

  • Contract Address: EQAvDfWFG0oYX19jwNDNBBL1rKNT9XfaGP9HyTb5nb2Eml6y

Out of 700,000 TGR tokens, 28,000 tokens were used to provide initial liquidity. This was done in order to allow our users to make exchanges and interact with all the features of the platform from the very beginning.

Distribution of tokens

Distribution of 50 million TGR tokens:

  • 42% LP community - 21,000,000

  • 22% Developers - 11,000,000

  • 11% Investors - 5,500,000

  • 6% Partners - 3,000,000

  • 5% Collaboration - 2,500,000

  • 5% Marketing - 2,500,000

  • 5% Liquidity - 2,500,000

  • 4% Reserve - 2,000,000

The TGR token provides meaningful liquidity-based transactions and more financial opportunities through token economy structures that ensure efficient allocation and maximize the value of TGR's limited resources.

What is the maximum supply?

Cryptocurrencies and tokens that are built on a blockchain have algorithmically created release schedules. Consequently, we can accurately predict the number of coins or tokens that will be issued by a certain time.

The maximum supply is the number of coins or tokens that will ever be produced. Once the maximum supply is reached, no more coins or tokens will be produced.

The maximum supply of TGR tokens is 50,000,000

What is total supply?

A total supply is those tokens or coins that exist at the moment. They may be in circulation or blocked in some way.

The formula for the calculation:

Amount of coins or tokens that have already been mined (or released) MINUS the total number of coins that have been burned or destroyed = Total Supply.

What is a circulating supply?

A circulating supply is coins or tokens that are publicly available on the market. The circulating supply of a cryptocurrency can increase or decrease over time.

The formula for the calculation:

Total supply MINUS all blocked coins or tokens = Circulating supply.

What is market capitalization?

Market capitalization is a measure of the size of the cryptocurrency market, in other words, the value of a cryptocurrency asset.

The formula for the calculation:

Calculation of supply multiplied by the price of the crypto-asset = market capitalization.

Double exchanges on TON

Route or "double exchanges" simplify exchanges and the amount of TON needed to create a liquidity pool. Routes allow you to make a double exchange. Example: Token1 > TON > Token2 or Token1 > TON > Token3 in a single transaction.

In this case, there is no need to create an additional pool of Token1 liquidity with Token2 and Token3. It is enough to add liquidity in pairing with TON to each token participating in the exchange.

This mechanism simplifies the exchange for the user and reduces the minimum threshold of necessary liquidity for a cryptocurrency owner when listing on DEX.

What can I do on DEX TegroFinance?

The TGR token is the key cryptocurrency of DEX TegroFinance, which provides holders with many opportunities to interact with it. What users can do on TegroFinance:

  • Exchange tokens in the TON network with the lowest commissions on TON;

  • Provide pool liquidity and earn income from token exchange transactions;

  • Send your LP tokens to staking to earn TGR tokens;

  • Send TGR tokens to staking to earn more TGR tokens;

  • Send TGR tokens to staking to earn tokens from other projects;

  • Send tokens to staking from other projects and receive TGR tokens in return;

  • Try your luck in the TegroFinance lottery and win prizes in TGR tokens;

  • Earn money from the referral program;

  • Sell your referrals.

What is cryptocurrency burning?

Cryptocurrency burning is the removal of coins or tokens from circulation, which reduces the overall supply. In this process, the coin or tokens are transferred to a special address and burned.

Reasons for burning coins and tokens:

  • To increase their value;

  • To maintain their condition.

TGR token burning

DEX TegroFinance has deflationary mechanisms. TGR is burned to keep the token less volatile and valuable.

TGR tokens are burned once a quarter. But TegroFinance has the right to adjust the burning schedule at its own discretion.

The tokens are redeemed within a few months. The final burn report is published during the first days of the new quarter.

Deflationary mechanisms on DEX TegroFinance

  • Burning at the expense of the commission from the TGR Auto Compound pool accruals;

  • Burning at the expense of the commission of the amount of lottery charges.

The Tegro team will continue to develop the project incrementally. As a consequence, new deflation mechanisms may be added in a timely manner in the future, if necessary.

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