💎Referral program

DEX Tegro.Finance has a referral program with which you can earn

How to get rewards

Our referral system will enable you to maximize your rewards. Consequently, you can invite your friends to register through a referral link and receive rewards from our referral program. Rewards for referrals can be earned through farms, swaps and sweepstakes.

Earnings from NFT referral

Also on DEX TegroFinance will be possible to sell your referral in the format of NFT. As a consequence, the person who bought an NFT referral will be able to receive payments for him from the decentralized exchange.

When are the rewards credited?

You can expect a certain commission each time your invited friends make a swap on Tegro.Finance. Swap referral commissions from trading commissions will be sent to your referral balance immediately after the swap.

How the remuneration is calculated

The Swap referral program is active for certain trading pairs with sufficient TVL. Your swap referral commission percentage will be calculated based on the number of TGR tokens placed in the holder pool. The default swap referral reward set by TegroFinance will be 12.5%.

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