DEX on CoinPaprika

Tegro continues to strengthen its position in the crypto industry, and one important step was the decision to integrate DEX Tegro.Finance into Coinpaprika service.

Coinpaprika is a powerful tool that provides crypto-industry users with comprehensive information on the current market situation and data analysis on the most interesting projects.

In addition, the service has started to support DeFi direction, which further expands the possibilities of integrating projects running on TON blockchain.

Undoubtedly, the appearance of DEX on multiple platforms is an indicator that the Tegro project and the TON blockchain in general are in demand in the crypto community.

Adding DEX to Coinpaprika is just a small step compared to our ambitious plans to develop the project. We are confident that the project's adoption is just around the corner, and we will continue to work on expanding the integration of our DEX exchange on other major platforms to maximize the potential of Tegro and the TON blockchain.

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