Project moderation

Answers to Frequent Questions about Project Moderation

How to add a project for moderation?

You can add a project for moderation in your personal cabinet through the "Add project" tab. Before moderation, you need to make the settings and set the acceptance of payments. After that, apply for the activation of the project.

We also have instructions with screenshots on how to add a project, which you can read in our documentation.

Why is my project approved under the "Starter" category?

"Start" category is assigned to each project that has been pre-approved by the moderators and sent to the security service for detailed review.

How quickly will my project be verified?

Final moderation is performed by the security service within 72 hours, but usually much faster. Certain categories of projects may take longer to moderate.

Why can't I add a project? It says that a project with this domain already exists in the system.

The system cannot have two identical domains (project URL) on different accounts. Exceptions are projects that are in the archive.

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