DEX on Coincodex & CoinCheckup

Thanks to our support, TON is hosted on Coincodex, one of the most popular platforms for monitoring trading volumes and tokens in the crypto industry. With over 1.5 million monthly users, Coincodex provides a user-friendly interface for tracking prices, trading volumes and other important cryptocurrency metrics.

Tegro.Finance, a DEX exchange, has also been added to Coincodex service.

This is a very important step that will allow our users to easily and quickly track the liquidity of our exchange and make more informed decisions in their trading.

In addition, we have integrated TON and DEX Tegro.Finance on Coincodex's subsidiary service, Coincheckup.

This will provide users with more comprehensive information about tokens and the exchange as a whole, as well as improve the overall functionality of the platform.

Simultaneously with the addition of DEX Tegro.Finance to Coincodex, tokens available on TON were listed: TGR, oUSDT, oUSDC and other tokens.

Overall, our support allowed TON and DEX Tegro.Finance to gain access to a wider audience of users and improve their position in the cryptocurrency market. We are proud that our work helps improve the crypto industry and create a better environment for users.

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