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User Agreement/Offer

A user agreement/offer is a contract between the user and the owner. The contract must contain the subject of the agreement, what obligations the store has to the user, and what the user agrees to when registering or paying for it. Also the term of validity can be added to the user agreement/offer.

The document regulates the relationship between the user and the site, based on this document the rights and responsibilities of each party should be specified. For example, what the user can do, the powers of the administration, what violations can result in a block, etc.

It is recommended to describe the responsibilities of the parties on sites where registration is required before purchase.

Information security policy

Suppliers are obligated to state the information about measures to ensure the security of transactions using card details, as well as explain to customers the information about security policy that applies to the site.

Returns policy

The following is required in the returns policy:

  1. It is necessary to display the payer's course of action (contacts, what information is needed);

  2. It is necessary to enter the terms of consideration of the application for a refund by the administration of the store (methods of return of funds in the decision in favor of the payer: either to a bank card or cash).

Information about the conduct, rules and payment procedure

On the site in the documents or on a separate page should be placed information about the conduct, the rules and the payment procedure.

Please note: the order of payment is desirable to draw up your own, because different sites have a different sequence of actions.

Below is a correct example of the description:

"The following payment cards are accepted as payment: MasterCard, VISA, Maestro, МИР.

To pay by bank card when ordering in the online store, you must select the payment method: bank card.

When you pay for your order by bank card, the payment is processed on the authorization page of the bank, where you have to enter your bank card data:

  • Card type;

  • Card Number;

  • Card validity period;

  • CVC2/CVV2 code.

Provided your card is connected to 3D-Secure, you will be redirected to the page of your card issuing bank for authentication.

If you have any questions, all the necessary information about the rules and methods of additional identification please contact the bank that issued you a bank card."


The supplier has the right to request to place logos of payment systems and other payment methods that are accepted on the site.

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