DEX on DefiLama

DEX Tegro.Finance has been added to the DefiLlama service. DefiLlama is a product that provides the ability to track the liquidity of decentralized exchanges.

Undoubtedly, the presence of DEX Tegro.Finance in the list of exchanges tracked by DefiLlama is a great advantage for all analysts and traders who are interested in following the development of the DeFi market.

DefiLlama is one of the best aggregators of DeFi data and can provide instant information on exchange liquidity, allowing users to quickly make decisions and analyze the effectiveness of DeFi protocols.

In addition, with the presence of DEX Tegro.Finance on DefiLlama's list, users can easily compare the effectiveness of the exchange with other exchanges, allowing them to make more informed decisions in their trading.

Thus, the presence of DEX Tegro.Finance in the DefiLlama service is a significant step towards improving the quality of analytical data and increasing the efficiency of trading on the DeFi market.

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