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NFT staking conditions

NFT staking in the NFT Marketplace provides users the opportunity to earn tokens using their NFT assets. The terms of staking in the Marketplace can vary and depend on the selected NFT project and collection.

To start NFT-staking, the user must first lock their NFT-assets in a smart contract in the Marketplace.

After locking the assets, the user gets the opportunity to earn tokens for participating in the Marketplace ecosystem. The amount of reward depends on the selected collection and time of participation.

Selling NFTs

If an NFT is for sale, it cannot be used in staking. In order to use an NFT for staking, it must be removed from sale.

Similarly, the NFT will not be available for sale while participating in staking. The user must return the token from staking to be able to sell it again in the Marketplace.

Where will the NFTs be located

NFTs from affiliate collections will be stored in the NFT betting pool on the platform.

As a member, you will be able to add your NFTs to the pool in order to earn profits from staking.

The profits from staking depend on the total number of NFTs participating in staking, as well as the length of the staking period. The more NFTs participating in staking and the longer they are in the pool, the higher your income will be.

The profit will be available after the end of the staking period and the withdrawal of NFTs from the pool.

How the APR in the betting pool is calculated

APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is an annual percentage rate that shows how much you can earn on your investments over a year.

In an NFT rate pool, the APR is calculated based on the sum of all active tokens in the pool. The APR depends on the number of NFTs in the bet, as well as the trading volume in the NFT market. If the number of NFTs in a bet increases, the APR also increases, and vice versa. APR can change over time depending on market conditions and the number of active tokens in the pool.

To calculate your income, you must multiply your share in the pool by the APR. To do this, the NFT staking page has a "Calculate" button that allows you to find out how much you can earn on your investment in the NFT staking pool.


The commission from the NFT Marketplace is 5%. This commission is charged on the sale of each NFT, and is the main way for NFT Marketplace to earn money.

Thus, when you sell an NFT in the Marketplace, 5% of the sale amount will be deducted as commission, and the remaining 95% will be sent to the seller.

Profit maximization

One of the factors that can increase the profitability of NFT staking. The more NFTs put into the staking pool, the more tokens will be distributed to the staking participants per day.

However, keep in mind that the profitability of staking depends not only on the number of NFTs in the pool, but also on other factors, such as total trading volume in the Marketplace, changes in token price, total number of staking participants, and others.

To maximize profits, it is important to choose the right time to stacking NFTs, keep track of token price changes, and participate in various bonus programs that may offer additional rewards.

Limits and allocation

  • There are no limits on the number of NFTs in the betting pool;

  • There are no time limits on NFT allocations in the betting pool;

  • The daily allocation may vary depending on the token price and the number of NFTs.

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