🐞Bug Bounty

You can be rewarded for finding vulnerabilities in Tegro.Finance

You can expect to be compensated for vulnerabilities only after filling out the TegroFinance Bug Bounty form. Messages in Telegram chats are not considered.

TegroFinance Bug Bounty is a program that allows platform users to receive rewards in the form of TGR tokens and gratitude from the team for reporting security vulnerabilities, bugs, and exploits, allowing them to prevent cases from spreading and promptly optimize the product.

The goal of the Tegro team is to provide high quality products and services, and user security is one of the key factors in our work. We invite users interested in security to participate in protecting and improving the platform as part of the Bug Bounty program.


What can you tell us about?

  • Failure to add liquidity to the pool;

  • Problems with logging into the site;

  • Typos on the site;

  • Impossibility to make a swap;

  • Impossibility to withdraw funds to a wallet;

  • Errors/defects in the code and other.

How to report a vulnerability?

If you find a vulnerability or bug, please report it to us via the special TegroFinance Bug Bounty request form.

Describe the vulnerability you found in as much detail as possible and provide us with any evidence you have (screenshots and/or screen recordings).

What happens after the error report?

Our security experts will carefully review your report and contact you within two business days to discuss the problem:

  • Under what circumstances did you discover the vulnerability?

  • The next steps are also discussed if the vulnerability report is still relevant or was found by you for the first time.

We may receive a lot of messages, we try to provide feedback as quickly as possible, but we cannot reply to users whose responses are incomplete.

Helpful to know: To report an error, you must correctly complete all lines on the form. Messages where lines are missing by adding a "-" or other random words or numbers will not be accepted.

Program Rules

Please be responsible and act with extreme caution. Use only necessary methods to find or expose vulnerabilities in your product.

  • Take care to protect your system;

  • Do not use social engineering to gain access to the system;

  • Do not modify the system;

  • Do not use vulnerabilities for purposes other than participating in the Bug Bounty program.


The reward will be paid in TGR tokens. The amount will be based on the severity of the vulnerability found and the potential damage prevented by you. The amount is calculated based on the following criteria:

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