How the affiliate program works

Decentralized crypto exchange, Tegro.Finance provides many opportunities to earn cryptocurrency. One of the most popular ways is participating in an affiliate program.

How an affiliate program works at a cryptocurrency exchange

The affiliate program involves receiving rewards for invitations to the platform.

Every user of the crypto exchange has the opportunity to invite their friends, acquaintances and other crypto-enthusiasts to the DEX platform through their referral link.

In order to get your own referral link, you must log in to the crypto exchange via your TON wallet, such as Tegro Wallet, Tonhub or Tonkeeper. We will demonstrate using Tonkeeper wallet as an example.

  1. Go to the crypto exchange and click "Connect Wallet".

2. Choose a TON-wallet, which we will use to connect. In our case, it will be Tonkeeper, but can be any other.

To select Tonkeeper, first click on "TON Connect 2.0", then on "Tonkeeper";

3. After authorization at the crypto exchange, click on the "Refferal" button;

4. Copy your referral link by clicking on the button indicated by the arrow in the screenshot;

Next, you need to send your referral link to the user, and he needs to go through it to the crypto exchange and make at least 1 exchange. After that, he becomes your referral.

Please note: it is important that the user has not previously made exchanges on the crypto exchange, otherwise he will not be able to become a referral.

If the user you invited did everything correctly: followed your referral link and made an exchange on the cryptocurrency exchange, you will have 1 new referral in the "Referral" tab. Congratulations!

After your referral appears, you will be pay out 12.5% of all his trades or 0.05% of total affiliate commission.

Remunerations for exchanging your referrals are charged in DEX cryptocurrency - TGR.

Also, we pay your attention, that you can get TGR cryptocurrency from affiliate program and start earning 0.25% from each exchange by becoming a liquidity provider.

Withdraw free cryptocurrency in affiliate program

We want to note that you'll get an opportunity to withdraw cryptocurrency only after you'll get at least 100 TGR in the affiliate program. Prior to the withdrawal, tokens will be stored on the smart contract of the crypto exchange.

After overcoming the minimum amount, withdrawal of cryptocurrency to TON-purse will become available.

In addition to receiving crypto exchange tokens on the affiliate program, you can buy TGR cryptocurrency on DEX, which we have previously described in a previous article.

Further development of the affiliate program

In due time, the crypto exchange will add affiliate program levels for the most active users, whose number of referrals exceeds 100 people.

There are no restrictions on the number of referrals as well as the amount of earnings, so we conclude that inviting enough referrals you can receive an impressive passive income in cryptocurrency.

Thus, on cryptocurrency exchange, in addition to earnings from the pools of liquidity, you can also earn cryptocurrency with the help of an affiliate program.

As a reminder, at the moment, these are the most profitable ways of additional earnings in DeFi segment on TON. You can clearly see this by reading our other materials, for example, the mechanics of liquidity pools at Tegro.Finance cryptocurrency exchange.

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