The Open Network

Information about the network used

Blockchain The Open Network (TON) is a next-generation platform that is being developed to integrate all existing blockchains into a new unified network. The main goal of the developers is to create a decentralized ecosystem, which will be a true Web 3.0-Internet.

TON has many features, including decentralized data storage, an anonymous network, instant payments and the usual convenient services. These features are enabled by blockchain technologies such as smart contracts and decentralized applications.

In addition, by using the unique Byzantine Fault Tolerant matching protocol, TON provides high performance and scalability in transaction processing.

Overall, TON aims to become the new standard for blockchain technology and make it more accessible and convenient for all users in the world.

Elements of the ecosystem:

TON Blockchain

TON Blockchain is a scalable, multi-blockchain platform capable of processing millions of transactions in seconds. This is achieved through the use of the unique "Byzantine Fault Tolerant" matching protocol and "Dynamic Sharding" technology.

"Byzantine Fault Tolerant" is a protocol that provides high performance and security in transaction processing. It allows multiple nodes in a network to work together and make correct decisions even in a faulty environment.

"Dynamic Sharding" is a technology that allows data and transactions to be distributed across different blockchains (shards), which improves scalability and transaction processing speed.

Thus, TON Blockchain can process millions of transactions per second, making it one of the most productive blockchain platforms in the world. This allows it to be used for a variety of tasks, such as fast and secure payments, decentralized applications, and more.

TON Services

TON Services is a platform for third-party services that allows creating friendly and intuitive interfaces for decentralized applications and smart contracts on the TON blockchain. It provides various tools and APIs for creating applications and interfaces.

With TON Services, developers can create applications and services that can work with blockchain technology, but still have a user-friendly and simple interface for users. This makes decentralized applications more accessible and appealing to a wider audience.

In addition, TON Services provides various tools for managing and monitoring applications, such as account and access management tools, analytics, and more.

Overall, TON Services helps accelerate and simplify the process of developing decentralized applications and services on the TON blockchain, making them more accessible and user-friendly.

TON Payments

TON Payments is a micropayments platform based on TON Blockchain. It allows payments between users and bots not only within the blockchain network, but also between any third-party services.

TON Payments ensures high speed and security of payments by using TON Blockchain. Each transaction is digitally signed and verified against the blockchain network rules. As a result, payments made through TON Payments are as secure as payments made within the network.

In addition, TON Payments supports micropayments, making it an ideal platform for use in services where small payments are required, such as paying for access to content or game purchases.

Overall, TON Payments provides a convenient and secure way to conduct TON Blockchain-based micropayments that can be used both within the network and between third-party services.


TON DNS is a platform that allows you to assign human-readable names to accounts, smart contracts, services and network nodes that can be used instead of long and complex blockchain addresses. This makes the blockchain experience easier and more accessible for all users.

TON DNS provides a user-friendly interface for creating and managing domain names on the TON blockchain. Each domain address can be associated with a specific account, smart contract, service or node, making them easy to find and use.

Thus, with TON DNS, users can interact with the blockchain as easily as with the Internet, using familiar domain names instead of complex addresses. This greatly simplifies interaction with blockchain and makes it more accessible to everyone.

TON Proxy

TON Proxy is a component of the TON (Telegram Open Network) ecosystem that provides data encryption for TON network nodes and enables the creation of decentralized VPN and TOR services.

TON Proxy provides a secure and encrypted communication channel between TON nodes, making it a useful tool for online privacy and security.

TON Proxy is used to develop decentralized applications that can bypass centralized censorship. This is achieved by working together with other components of the TON ecosystem, such as TON DNS and TON P2P.

The TON DNS provides a decentralized domain name system that can be used to access decentralized applications, and TON P2P provides a decentralized data transfer.

TON Storage

TON Storage is a decentralized P2P network that provides distributed file storage technology. It allows users to store and transfer large amounts of data without having to rely on centralized storage, such as Dropbox.

TON Storage technology works like a torrent-like network, where users can store and download files from a distributed network of nodes that share information with each other. With this approach, data is distributed across multiple nodes, making it more accessible and secure.

TON Storage has enormous potential for creating a variety of decentralized applications that require distributed data storage. For example, it can be used to create decentralized data stores, online stores, social networks, and other applications that can be useful for users who need distributed and secure data storage.

Overall, TON Storage is an important component of the TON ecosystem that enables the creation of decentralized applications by providing secure and distributed data storage.

TON Workchains.

TON Workchains is an innovative technology that allows different blockchains to be combined into a single network. This is achieved by creating workchains that can have unique rule sets for smart contracts and contain different cryptocurrencies.

Each workchain can be connected to other workchains through the main TON network, which ensures high performance and decentralization. Due to the versatility of the TON architecture, the number of working networks can exceed 2^32, making TON Workchains one of the most scalable technologies in the blockchain field.

TON Workchains allows you to create decentralized applications that can use different working networks to process different types of transactions and operations. For example, one working network can be used to process cryptocurrency transactions, while another working network can be used to perform smart contracts.

Overall, TON Workchains is a cutting-edge technology that helps connect different blockchains into a single network, which opens up new possibilities for creating decentralized applications and increasing the efficiency of blockchain systems.

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