🔄Balance and transfers in TON

Tonscan.org is a popular service that allows you to track cryptocurrency token transactions on the TON blockchain.

It provides the user with the ability to view all custom tokens on TON, including TGR, as well as search for transactions of interest and check balances.

With tonscan.org, you can track any token transaction, such as checking balances, monitoring token transfers between addresses, and tracking changes in token ownership.

To make it easier to find the addresses you want, tonscan.org provides a keyword search function.

For example, you can search for addresses associated with a particular NFT project, TGR Token, service, store, etc. This makes it much easier for users who want to quickly find the right address or check information about a particular token.

If you want to transfer TGR on the TON blockchain, you should use non-custodial wallet applications such as Tegro Wallet, Tonkeeper or TonHub.

They allow users to securely store their cryptocurrency assets and perform various transactions, including TGR transfers. The wallets provide a high level of security and privacy, as well as ease of use.

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