Tegro [en]

Coins and tokens display

Display Conditions

Tegro Wallet is a universal wallet on The Open Network blockchain, which supports a large number of custom tokens created on this network. For a token to be compatible with Tegro Wallet, it must be created on The Open Network blockchain.
If a user has TGR tokens on their balance, they will always appear in their wallet. This is because Tegro Wallet supports this currency by default.
If Tegro Wallet does not find metadata about the token, it will be displayed as an unknown token. However, the user can always add a custom token to their wallet manually by specifying the necessary data such as token name, symbol, contract address, etc.

Token Classification

In the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, there are many different standards for tokens, which determine their functionality and ability to interact with other applications and platforms. Tegro Wallet will classify tokens based on their standard.
On The Open Network blockchain, there are standards for tokens that define their functionality. For example, the TIP-3 standard allows custom tokens to be created and managed on The Open Network.
Thus, Tegro Wallet will display tokens according to the standard, which will ensure proper processing and interaction with other applications and services on the blockchain.


Fungible tokens are tokens that are identical to one another and can be interchanged without any change in their value or properties.
Such tokens can be mixed together, separated into smaller units, and combined into larger units without loss of value or quality.


A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a unique digital asset that is not replaceable with another asset of the same type.
Each NFT has a unique identifier that is associated with a particular asset and metadata that describes that asset. This could be, for example, digital art, audio files, videos, gaming items, etc.
They are often used as collectibles, which have unique characteristics and cannot be easily replaced by other items of the same type.
In the context of Tegro Wallet, NFT tokens created on the TON blockchain will appear as non-interchangeable and have their own unique metadata and identifiers.
They can be created within different collections, e.g. Cat Metaverse, Dog Metaverse, Meta Panthers and will be displayed in the wallet according to NFT standards on the TON blockchain.


A FungibleAsset is a token that has properties and attributes, but it can still be exchanged for other tokens of the same type, that is, it is fungible within its class.
Such tokens can be used in various fields, including the gaming industry, finance, real estate and others.
For example, in games, such tokens can represent various resources, currency or items that can be exchanged between players or sold for real money.
However, unlike simple interchangeable tokens, such tokens may have additional properties, such as unique identifiers or metadata, that can change and describe different characteristics of the token.