Tegro [en]
Liquidity pool
When the user add liquidity to the pool, he receives LP tokens. When someone exchanges tokens, a commission of 0.4% is charged. 0.25% will be returned to liquidity providers as a commission.
Be careful, to add liquidity you need to have the amount of each token in the ratio of 50% to 50% - for the same amount.
For example, to add liquidity to a TGR/TON pair, assuming you want to contribute 100 TGR, you need to have at least a certain equal amount of TON (18 TON at the time of writing). If you have less than the required amount, you will not be able to deposit 100 TGR, you will have to reduce the amount.
Also, don't forget about non-permanent losses, which carry certain risks. Every step you take, think about and weigh the pros and cons of providing liquidity in each situation.
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